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 Newport Music Club promotes the appreciation of music through the presentation of public concerts that bring quality live music to the heart of Newport.


Professional artists introduce and perform from a classical and contemporary chamber music repertoire, bringing together both well and less known works. and composers. Six concerts are held annually at small friendly venues in the heart of Newport in an informal and friendly atmosphere.


Our artists not only entertain with well-known works, they also educate and inform with works that are seldom heard and that step outside the normal spectrum of work our members are used to hearing.

The club was originally created within Adams' Grammar School.  In 1974 it became independent. It still retains its links with the school,  and the Music Department.  


Newport Music Club is a registered Charity that is run by volunteers who engage the professional musicians for the six concerts held annually. Support by members includes forming the management committee, artist and music selection, the provision of hospitality for both artists and audience, production and dissemination of publicity materials and articles for the local press - as well as all those other little jobs that makes the club run so smoothly.


We operate with a Constitution with governance through the Annual General Meeting at which all members are encouraged to express their views.


Naturally, the club is always looking for new helpers and committee members in order to refresh and reinvigorate its encouragement of music in Newport. The Club has informal links with many other local music organisations, and positively encourages the sharing of programmes and experiences with which to enrich its offering in Newport.


The Club engages many artists through a network of support provided by major orchestras and organisations set up to promote particular musicians. 


For the 2017/18season we have benefitted from a generous donation from the Newport Music Coach that visits the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra at its base in the ICC Symphony Hall in Birmingham, and both the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and the Keyboard Trust for help supplying and funding our chosen artists for this year.


     Membership and Tickets to performances


We offer Seasonal memberships with offers for individual and students where seats are held until 10 minutues before each performance.


In addition we have an annual Friends of Newport Music Club which includes reserved seating of their choice together with additional access to the artists following each performance.

For those who wish to only attend the occasional concert, we sell tickets for single performances.  These can be reserved in advance and collected and paid for on the night of the concert.  In addition they are available from The Guildhall Tea Room (Upper Bar), Courtyard Gifts (High Street opposite St Nicholas Church) and at Hey Jude's in the Newport Market Hall. However, there is usually room for those deciding at the last minute and who just turn up at the door, but to the ever increasing popularity of our concerts, we do encourage you reserve or buy in advance.





Our main venue for our concert performances is the Cosy Hall, in Water Lane, Newport, Shropshire, Besides benefitting from a splendid grand piano, the Cosy Hall offers artists and concert goers a very high standard of venue and increased capacity for our audience We are striving to improve the ambiance for performers and audience alike.