Duo B!z’art

Andre Roe & Geoffrey Baptiste

(Four Hands One Piano)  

16 February 2019

Cosy Hall




(Movements to be added)

Grieg : 4 Norwegian Dances


Schumann : Pictures from the East op. 66

Mendelssohn : Andante and Allegro Brilliant op.92



Brahms : Variations on a Theme by Robert Schumann op.23

Rachmaninoff : Suite op. 11 

Newport Music Club is pleased to present Duo B!z’art in their own words ....

"We are the Duo B!z’art, a Belgian piano duet playing on either one or two pianos.  The Duo was founded by André Roe and Geoffrey Baptiste at the end of their studies with Evgeny Moguilevski at the Brussels Royal Conservatoire in 2004.


"Bizarre means what is unusual and unconventional, and this, as Duo B!z’art, is what we hope to do - to provide concerts with passion.  


"As two musicians playing the piano with four hands, we have available to us twenty fingers, and we share the 88 keys of a piano. This allows us to provide a spectacular performance with our hands twirling on the keyboard with great virtuosity.


"As a piano duo we can deliver a unique repertoire. Sometimes our instrument can be intimate, in the style of salon music; equally it can be symphonic, taking on the range and depth of a full orchestra.


"Sitting together at the piano, we share a special communication – and invite the public to share this special moment.  Sincerity, energy and love of music is the focus of our performances.


"Our concerts revolve around a strong and original theme, with titles such as Souvenirs, Made in USA, Waltzes, Tangos and other dances, From Russia with Love, etc.  These are influenced by our musical tastes, which range from romantic to 20th century music, combining classical hits with unknown masterpieces.


"We are also involved with combining music, theatre and visual projections, providing our audiences with an all-encompassing artistic experience.


"We enjoy bringing music to new audiences and in particular attach great importance to its introduction to young people. To this end we have designed special educational concerts, focussing on entertaining and interactive musical events, that we can perform either in partnership with cultural institutions or deliver directly within schools.


"We regularly give concert tours across Europa (Scandinavia, British Isles, Baltic Republics, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland) and recently toured China (Shanghai, Changzhou, Ningo, Jinan and Beijing) during November 2017."

Review of concert, Mandal, Norway, 28 March 2017, Kai Stoveland

Belgian pianists André Roe and Geoffrey Baptiste, who appeared in Riverfront hall on Tuesday night, presented an interesting program of music originally composed for piano duet.

They opened the concert with "Bilder aus Osten" by Robert Schumann. André Roe introduced the music to the audience with some information about the composer's intentions and circumstances relating to the composition, in an impeccable English.

Thereupon followed a variety of "Hungarian Dances" by Johannes Brahms - no less than 12 of his total of 21 dances. Some of these are well known and also played in the orchestral version, others less frequently performed, but all show Brahms enthusiasm for the popular tradition of gypsy music. Our guest musicians interpreted these dances with temperament, dynamism and precision. The energy of the music, both in strength and speed, is certainly challenging, but was greatly mastered, and demonstrated an interaction and collaboration on the keyboard that impressed.

After the break, we listened to "Andante and Allegro Vivace" by Felix Mendelsohn, before they closed the concert with a Suite op. 11 by Sergei Rachmaninov. This Russian pianist and composer wrote this work at 21 years old in 1894. This piece also demonstrated the musicians's eminent

interaction and their interpretation ability.

After a prolonged and enthusiastic applause, the two pianists gave us a piece of Stravinsky's Petruskha as an encore.

(translation: A.Roe)

bizart 4 hands 20kb.jpg

Follow them here at www.duobizart.be